here is a brief show and tell of our wedding that took place on june 9th 2004. we actually have a million more pics thanks to our friends abbie and lee who were our "official photographers." when paul and i have more time we will scan the snapshots and burn them onto a CD with the digital images and send them to whoever wants a copy.

other moments captured on the "real" camera are the signing of the register [with fake pen in a fake book as opposed to the real book we also signed] and about a billion more of "the kiss." we didnt kiss for actually that long. i think two pecks - but our photographers went crazy!!!

paul and i both feel that our wedding was perfect for us in the way that the events took place that day and have fabulous memories of the day. it was also a great week for us as we had joe in london from st louis staying with us. the party went on and on...

thanks to all the well wishes from everybody and look forward to the rest of the pictures soon!

johan emma & ed
pippa max paul manuel & alison
just married!!
lee emma paul & abbie
[our official photographers]
everyone at the reception
[except lee and abbie who were taking pics]
joe emma paul & johan
bride groom & witnesses
pippa emma paul & max
garden party
other end of garden
cake from pippa & max
paul doing the honours
lee emma & abbie
eli the brazilian dj
johan wendy & wauter
lee & abbie
not to be outdone by wauter...
joe & paul
pippa emma & lee
paul & horse hospital guys
wauter wendy joe & tania