06 JANUARY 2007
Okay - this is where I'm at one the internet these days. Check this list of links here.

16 AUGUST 06
An awesome MySpace profile here.

11 AUGUST 06
A view of home here.

04 AUGUST 06
The life of my niece Chloe here.

01 AUGUST 06
Why my friend Jacob spends 14 hours sleeping every day [and then another 10 hours at night] here.

30 JULY 06
Check out my nephew's latest adventure here.

29 JULY 06
My worst nightmare here.

20 JULY 06
I've been making a website for a friend's band. You can see it here soon. Otherwise it has been to hot for anything.

29 MAY 06
This time we are in Stuttgart. Check out the students final performance here.

20 MAY 06
New art project for Sonar Festival - Da Myspace Hustlerz!! Myspace page and internet site. Be our friend ! ! ! !

17 MAY 06
LOOK! Some video from the Basurama Madrid workshops - Musical Helmet here and Green Machine here.

16 MAY 06
We went to Madrid to run workshops for the Basurama Festival. Olaf Ladousse was with us. Check out his circuit bending here.

01 MAY 06
I've been depressed since I got back from Australia. Who am I? Find out here.

08-18th APRIL 06
A lovely day at the Botanical Gardens in Hobart. Great pictures of flowers for Mums here!

08-18th APRIL 06
Food and drink. You know I can't help myself but to help myself here.

08-18th APRIL 06
Urgh it was too cold up Mt Wellington. Put your coat on and join us here.

08-18th APRIL 06
We visited Bonorong Park. Watch bone crushing wombats, a menthol koala and a kangaroo fart here.

08-18th APRIL 06
Meet my family and we all eat junk food here.

05 APRIL 06
Paul and I caught a plane to Australia. Check us out in Singapore Airport here.

24 MARCH 06
I joined YouTube. Check out all sort of videos here.

23 MARCH 06
Oh! And by the way, the best coffee in London is at Flat White. Check here.

20 FEBRUARY 2006
Here is my new favourite band. I hope they accept me as their myspace friend. Check out 2 Live Spew here.

Watch me on TV here.

I'm sitting in Rotterdam waiting to get the taxi to the airport. Here is everything I have done while I have been away.

I've been so busy with Microtel in Rotterdam that I have turned into a bad blogger. Here is a mini photo diary to make it up to you.

02 JANUARY 2006
Our new Lektrolab project MICROTEL here. We are making teletext 4 TV station NOS @ International Film Festival R'Dam.

Christmas Eve and my thoughts to home. Look and one of the main tourist attractions in Hobart, Tasmania here.

Whoo hoo!! Some late arriving birthday presents here.

Well they say it's your birthday! Well it's my birthday too!! Paul and I visit NOS in Holland and meet a cool dude here.

Paul and I had a traditional English pub lunch today. Join us here.


today i found some pictures of role model's incredible hulk doll that made me laugh. Here!

nothing happened yet.

I know jealousy is a curse, but I'm dying cause my friend Gerd met someone that I wish I got to meet here.

Pics and video from the microset that happened tonight here!!

I've been going nutso over this video of Plemo and Egotronic on tour with their label Audiolith in Russia. Check it out here.

support micromusic.net

More stuff for sale on eBay here. Paperrad, promos, rare things, warp, squarepusher, silas, weird craps, CD's GOING CHEEEP!

I had been fantasising about this for some time - perhaps it was because we ate vegan at Drx's all week. Check our dinner menu here.

See the results of my plastic surgury here.

The glamorous life continues at the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart. Envy us here.

Drx's birthday party with dancing and fashion show here.

My husband and I share a romantic moment in a hotel at the Stuttgart airport. See it here.

Kanye West said the other day "George Bush doesn't care about black people." You can see what I think about that here.

New flyer for next london MICROSET on Oct 27th here. Paza, Divag, Eat_Rabbit, Mini Roc LIVE with Tryst first time DJ!!

Oh my God! I was clearing out today and found this here - who does it belong to?!

AWESOME EBAY AUCTIONS!!! CIO here for PAPERRAD TEE. And check the other auctions for other cool stuff.

29 AUGUST 05
Finally saw the website for the digital arts magazine Sceen that I am contributing too. CIO here.

24 AUGUST 05
I'm sick in bed with a sore throat today. Check out where Paul has gone for dinner with his friend without me here. :(((

21 AUGUST 05
I got some cool mail the other day. Check it out here.

19 AUGUST 05
I can't remember if I told you were I work already. Check out the shop here.

18 AUGUST 05
EXCITING!! I got the promo CD's in the mail from Seb the other day. Here is the translation to The Story of Lektrogirl vs Bodenstandig 2000.

11 AUGUST 05
Today I invented a handy new web tool. You can check out the Guestbook Getaround [TM] here.

05 AUGUST 05
I started another collection of images while shopping on eBay. Check out the sellers working their stock here.

03 AUGUST 05
I've been feeling pretty shitty lately. This letter here makes me feel the same way.

31 JULY 05
I really havent done much for my website for July. To see one of the distractions, look here. Here are pics from the Hayward workshops.

30 JULY 05
I nice collection I have made of love related gifs I found on the internet here. It will be continually updated.

29 JULY 05
WOW apparently you can buy me a piece of art for your mobile phone. Look here. This IS NOT official fan merchandise.

20 JULY 05
SO hilarious!! Male booty video here.

06 JULY 05
My worst nightmare. Look here.
The video to one of my all time favourite records here.

05 JULY 05
Come to the slumber party and have some fun here.
Cool cats unwinding in a casual way here.

04 JULY 05
A supercool website sent to me today by my friend Der Alexan. Look here.

02 JULY 05

Now that I'm back from Paris check out the full report here.

30 JUNE 05

Went to the paris_hq micro party with cory and paul. check it out here.

10 JUNE 05
Final line up for london hq's microset confirmed - FREE party JUNE 30th. Full details here.

08 JUNE 05
I could have done a lot of things today and all I did was spy on my friend Joe. Look here.

05 JUNE 05

Saw a cool movie on TV last night. Check it out here.

30 MAY 05

Back from Zurich. Our holiday sanps are here.

27 MAY 05

Supercool family website here.

26 MAY 05
Went to Copenhagen to check out the Outbreak Cru at the Guarana Power Bar. Look here.

20 MAY 05

Paul was on the phone to my mum and I overheard him tell her a funny story here.

18 MAY 05

Check out how my nails are growing here. Not a lot going on at the moment...

16 MAY 05

Back from Holland and went out to a party where we all made woollen cats. Check mine out here.

14 MAY 05
Tonight was a gig in Deventer. Bitshifter and I discover over soundcheck that we loved The Cult. My fan page here.

13 MAY 05

At another gig, this time in Rotterdam at Night Town I met a girl who liked my dress as much as I liked hers. Look here.

12 MAY 05

Today I went to my friend Julian's house who lives in Holland. He collects old computers. Here are some here.

11 MAY 05

I played records at a gig at the Paradiso in Amsterdam.

09 MAY 05
Tonight I was bored so I made a geocities web page about my neigbourhood. It's here.

07 MAY 05

View the amazing pieces the students made at a workshop project we did in a UK school here.

06 MAY 05

Check out the foyer of our hotel in NYC here.

05 MAY 05

Here is a miniMIDI movie showing the skills of Paul B. Davis Mobilephone DJ and Miss Hawaii here.

03 MAY 05

While I was away I heard two men have a conversation in a place they should have thought twice about. Read here.

02 MAY 05

Back from New York. Check out the restaurant guide update here.

25 APRIL 05

Today I saw someone famous and it made me happy.
Read about it here.

24 APRIL 05

Paul & I will give a Nintendo NES game hacking workshop in NYC on 29.04.05.
Check here.

23 APRIL 05

Today I got a star named after myself cause I regsistered at astrology.com - view this amazing thing

21 APRIL 05

It was rave alert at the latest microset party in london. Check out some videos from the last two events here.

16 APRIL 05

I'm getting super
excited about NY!!

15 APRIL 05

Coming back from
Sheffield I ate too
much popcorn & made
myself feel a bit ill.

08 APRIL 05
Today folks I'M IN LOVE. Check out this
amazing rapper and hot
stud and sexy girls

07 APRIL 05

Crappy horrible weather
today but Mad Max is
on TV tonight with Tina Turner and Mel Gibson.

04 APRIL 05

Wow! If you want
to check out what
it is really like in the
USA, check this GREAT .mov

03 APRIL 05

Outbreak Cru booked
to perform in
Copenhagen. Check
out my favourite band

31 MARCH 05
Paul and I will be in
NY for Bent2005 a
circuitbending fest.
Not sure what we will
do yet. I'm excited anyway!

30 MARCH 05
Okay - so we try this thing online now huh?
On y vas!!

26 MARCH 05
Paul DJ only ringtones
on his mobile phone.
Here are some pics
from when he did the
same thing in

21 MARCH 05
Final line up for london hq's microset confirmed - FREE party april 21st. Full details and line up on the gigs page.

18 MARCH 05
Whoo Hoo! The sun is
finally out in London.

13 MARCH 05
Under construction!!
The new skin website
commences today.

12 MARCH 05
Lovebytes 05!
Lektrolab are invited
to conducted circuit
bending workshops
at the Sheffield
festival. Check here

10 MARCH 05
1000$ website!
calls for entries for
this years compo.
Lektrolab also
sponsor new prize! here

Tour d'Holland is
announced today! 3
shows alongside other
micromusic stars.
Check dates on the
gig page.