This is the back of Julian's head at Night Town in Rotterdam and Komatrohn's back in front of him. Julian is a VJ and performs as The C-Men.
This is about one third of Julian's wall mounted computer and gaming consoles. He is an avid collector of a particular kind of computer [the ones on the top] but I can't remember what they are now...
Here is one quarter of the hand held gaming consoles.
A close up of the Sportron. I really like the graphics on the top. I slept with two Odysseys by my head as well.
The music module cartridge complete with Na Na Na function.
Woo-hoo more! They have their own fancy display cabinet.
This was breakfast. But note in the corner of the pic - Julian also has a lot of Paul Hardcastle records. He also has some brilliant Italo tracks - including THREE Kano records.

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