+ the micromusic CHOCOLATE OLYMPICS 15 December 2002 +
never before has such an event taken place within the micromusic community. as part of the xmas festival organised by the brussels_hq, the micro members were invited to being chocolates from their own countries to be put to the taste test on the sunday after the party. the results from our sometimes ruthless judging panel are shown below...

name: meiji egg chocolate
origin: japan micro_user: lektrogirl
description: little balls of white chocolate and yellow chocolate centre
comments: a nice package maybe made this the first selected item up for taste testing. the eggs were also dissected by covox and lektrogirl to ensure that the graphic description of the chocolate on the box was indeed a reality
name: marabou schweizer nüt
origin: sweden micro_user: covox
description: chocolate with hazelnuts
comments: carl has problems to open the chocolate despite the wrapper being labelled carefully with instructions.
lo-bat says "tastes like belgian chocolate."
gwem remarks "a perfectly reasonable chocolate"



name: droste extra creamy milk pastiles
origin: netherlands micro_user: poke
description: chocolate 'buttons' packaged as a xmas pipe bomb
comments: covox with distain "tastes like airplaine chocolate"
name: minor
origin: switzerland micro_user: carl
description: a really soft chocolate slice with nuts
comments: there was much talk - was it nougat? was it praline? is it really chocolate? general opinion was "don't know if it is chocolate, but i like it"
finally disqualified because no-one could acertain it's true confectionary family
name: cadbury's dairy milk chocolate
origin: uk micro_user: gwem
description: a glass and a half of full cream dairy milk [i'm not joking check the diagram! that's science!]
comments: wanga particularly liked the packaging which included purple foil. after the initial taste test, we wanted to disqualify the english chocolate rather than the minor bar on grounds that it tasted too bad.
carl said "it tastes like it has gone rotten or got damp."
discussion follows between gwem and covox about how bad this chocolate is and covox points out from the list of ingredients "the english cant even get the taste of chocolate right - look here - it says CHOCOLATE FLAVOURING"
name: lindt weihnachts chocolade / chocolat de nöel
origin: switzerland micro_user: carl
description: a creamy chocolate flavoured with cinnamon & coriander

comments: a mixed reaction to the flavouring. a lot of cinnamon and not much coriander. covox said "the wrapper looks like really cheap turkish chocolate with all the gold and stars."
as someone took a moment to really taste the chocolate, gwem said "come on! it is not the oscars." covox retorts "this is serious business."

name: cadbury's bournville
origin: uk micro_user: gwem
description: the only real dark chocolate
comments: despite being the favourite chocolate type of wanga, even he gave it the score of 2. the first chocolate to receive zeros from any micro_user.
name: lindt cresta duo
origin: switzerland micro_user: carl
description: crunchy nougat in soft filling
comments: we were all starting to feel a bit sick by now so no-one said anything noteworthy. firestarter was hungering for some real food so discussion had started to turn to french fries and mayo and how french fries were actually a belgian invention.
name: plopp
origin: sweden micro_user: covox
description: runny caramel in milk chocolate
comments: a lot of the taste testers found this too sweet. but of course the greatest gag about this item is that a "plop" means a "turd" or "poo" in english
name: name not noted in scramble to taste the apple
origin: japan micro_user: lektrogirl
description: ten individually wrapped chocolates with assorted flavours
comments: a difficult chocolate to assess as the flavours were different. firestARTer, covox, poke and lektrogirl lept onto the apple flavour immediatly and began cutting test portions. once unwrapped manou said "wow it smells like apple shampoo." manou wanted to try the little nut man chocolate - however she was not to impressed. the strawberry chocolate was white with a little jelly flavouring inside. however depite hard marks from manou, carl and gwem [who said "i can't believe you are all taken in by the fancy wrapper"] this selection came out the over all winner - and it was the apple flavour that was most popular.



name: ovomaltine
origin: switzerland micro_user: carl
description: swiss milk chocolate with ovomaltine

comments: covox wanted to make it clear that he hated the wrapper and disected the design and finishing off with a cutting "it is just a clip art wrapper"
lektrogirl "really wanted to hateit because i'm not a fan of ovomaltine and the wrapper is vile but finally i can't deny i like the chocolate!"



name: lindt noix baumnuss
origin: switzerland micro_user: carl
description: chocolate with walnuts & toffee
comments: manou said "mmmmmmmmmm...." and the chocolate scored quite well all round but the final score was low due to hard marking from lektrogirl on the grounds it contained much detested walnuts and also a low mark from gwem
name: meiji strawberry chocolate
origin: japan micro_user: lektrogirl
description: a milk chocolate with strawberry filling
comments: a.k.a. 'softberry' for it's smooth flavour. after discussion about the real strawberry seeds in the pink soft filling, covox reads that the product contains red malted rice and so all are suspicious of the strawberry seed content.
[but on behalf of meiji, i feel i must point out that after re-reading the contents, the red malted rice is in the chocolate ingredients. the strawberry cream contains 'dehydrated strawberry']
no image available
name: marabou mjölk chocolad
origin: sweden micro_user: covox
description: milk chocolate
comments: lektrogirl was secretly glad that covox had pointed out the opening instructions on the earlier marabou bar fumbled by carl, so she did not make the same faux pas. the brand name marabou was discussed with the conclusion it was a nice name. the dicussion between covox and gwem continued about chocolate and covox was happy to point out that this brand was the chocolate approved for the swedish royal family [but lektrogirl had to point out that it was the same for the cadbury's chocolate and the royal family in the uk]
a big thank you to all participants in this chocolate olympics and their stomachs of iron: carl, wanga, manou, poke, firestarter, gwem, covox and lektrogirl and a special thanks to lo-bat and hyperkut who left half way through to get the fries and every sauce they could find. and another bit of special thanks to poke who bought his collection of hand held computer games!!