Paul and Emma are thrilled to announce the following friends will be playing tracks on the evening of June 9th to help with the celebration!

in no particular order between 7.30pm and 2am at The Asylum
manuel sepulveda [citinite] UK

runs the italo and electro label citinite from his secret headquarters / design & audio studio
bitch ass darius [databass records] USA

straight out of st. louis he is the latest signing to dj godfathers databass label.
he is also pauls best man.

eli and bruno [slum dunk radio] BRAZIL

host the slum dunk radio show on resonace fm where they play "funky carioca" - electro from the brazilian slums. they will soon release a european compilation on mr bongo records.
pippa brooks [girl about town] UK

singer/songwriter/designer/shopgirl/mother/playboy model/dj

check the party page for venue info and map. the party is open invite so bring your pals!