you can see below pictures from our wonderful wedding day. i often imagine sending some of the snaps into magazines such as heat or closer where they analyse celebrity couple body language from their photos and pick out tell tale signs about the relationship to see what they would say about paul and i.

some things you can't see from the photos below: the incredible buck teeth of the person who conducted our marriage, abbie and lee standing up instead of us when she called for the two to be married to rise, pippa pole dancing, the amount of alcohol we consumed at the party, emma answering the phone the following day to recieve congratulations from her father but having to cut him short because she really though she was going to puke on the phone and having to get a saucepan just in case and joe croaking from the living room sofa 'i need some water... with ice in it."

thanks to all our friends who came to the wedding and the party. thanks to joe, manuel, pippa, eli and bruno for playing records. thanks to pippa and max for the cake. thanks to johan for the pears to go with the blue cheese. we all received many cool gifts and well wishes from our international friends - thanks to all of you too. paul and i had a brilliant day.

there are a few other options to view our big day:

g the actual original quick edited webletter we sent to our family and friends with selected highlights with thumbnails etc here

g the whole lot unedited with two short files in this folder totally_weddinged_out [includes 3 short movie clips of dj slippers digital camera where you can see paul being a real professional and emma cracking up all through the ceremony]