paul and emma met on 27th may 2003. after a pretty shitty long distance relationship [UK to USA] the cat fish fed missouri boy moved to the thrill of the big city to be with his tasmania roo meat reared girlfriend who had been corrupted by the city of london a few years before.

since being together emma has influenced paul in that he now uses applications from the microsoft office package and sees the benefit of planning the layout of a website design in photoshop. he has learnt the joys of a service wash at the local laundrette and how to speak with an australian accent.

paul has explained to emma how a tracker works to make music with his atari and the finer points of beat synching, beat matching and real time correction while djing. paul has also introduced emma to some excellent philippine style cooking. paul tickled emma so much once she peed herself.

together they enjoy gardening, playing on the playstation and wrestling.

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